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Garry Burton Photography

The only contract you'll see

I currently have an on going exhibition and manage a FREE artspace (the only strings are for hanging the images) at The Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill and I also have an on going exhibition at The Marlborough Hotel, Newtown. The artspace has been operating since July ‘03 with excellent results for the artists exhibiting while also creating an interest for patrons who normally do not venture into a ‘pub’. Although it is a free artspace I run it along the lines of a commercial gallery. Organising flyers/invites to the media and on my e-mailing list and opening night refreshments. I usually create a DVD slide show of the artist’s work which is then displayed on large format TVs in the artspace for artistic consideration on opening night and for the artist’s resume. I also create a web site for the artist using a free web hosting service. Solo shows are for a month, group shows are for 2 months. We usually have the opening night on the Saturday that the exhibit is hung, that is up to the artist. As it is a pub, I've found that patrons seem to be fairly relaxed & linger longer on a Saturday night than on a week day event. If the artist wishes to provide refreshments, I've arranged that the wine can be bought through the bottle shop and as the schooners are only $3.00, the prices are very reasonable. The artist is limited to 2 plates of 'nibbles' only as there is a bistro/restaurant in the hotel, the display area is part of it. I feel that it is only fair to arrange anything more substantial through the bistro, considering the community fee, FREE. All really quite casual really. Oh yes, insurance, third party/personal injury insurance only, no property insurance.

Expressions of interest are more than welcome, I'm usually at the pub on Thursday evenings from about 5.30pm & I simply book the next artist who allows me to view there art, so come and have a chat.

I am also is interested in connecting with other photographers, fine artists and painters for any projects.

Garry Burton

Gladstone Hotel



572 Marrickville Road, Corner of New Canterbury Road

Dulwich Hill 2203


Garry Burton

Gladstone Hotel

472 Marrickville Road

Dulwich Hill 2203


Phone: 0404 247935


The Gladstone Hotel has an art space available with various sized panels, more than enough for 50A3 sized images.  

The display area is in the newly renovated bar & restaurant areas. Both bar & restaurant are smoke free & children are welcome. Rail and Wire system used for hanging.

The Hotel also offers 4 large format TV screens for multimedia exhibits.


Wall space available: Click on floor plan for sizing

11 panels

  Suitable for 2D art work.

  Click on floor plan for panel sizes.


TVs: 3 x 65cm    1 x 100cm

 Suitable for DVD works.

 Suitable for Multimedia.


Hours of operation:  7 days, 9am/10am till late.

STA Buses, 426 (terminates at the Pub)

              ...428, 445



Frances Feasey, 12.02.05 - 19.03.05

Ann Menezies, 19.03.05 - 9.04.05

Group Exhibition. Anne Menezies, 09.04.05 - 11.06.05

Group Exhibition. Brett Slater, 09.04.05 - 11.06.05

Group Exhibition. Peter Drew, 09.04.05 - 11.06.05